Posted by Jack on December 14th, 2011 filed in About Ann

Ann is never far from her sketchbook.  At a concert or a community meeting, on an airplane or a ferry boat, in a restaurant or a dentist’s office, you are likely to see her with a pen or even a miniature water color set capturing the moment of people and place of light and color.

The shelves and drawers of her studio are chock-a-block with sketchbooks that chronicle and illuminate many years of travel and observation.  There are small thumbnails of gee-gaws, drawings of faces and costumes of a kaleidoscope of humanity across America and Europe.

Andrew Wyeth once stated, “I don’t really have studios.  I wander around – around people’s attics, out in fields, in cellars, anyplace I find that invites me”.  The sketches that result are the artist’s journal, a record of visual impressions that preserve a moment, a place, an event.  Ann’s sketchbooks are filled with such diverse images as views from the window of trains in Norway, of cattle grazing in her son’s ranch, of a pretty girl dining alone in a Paris bistro, street scenes in San francisco or  sailboats in the Salish Sea.  Not long ago she was commissioned to paint a landscape with sheep.  Her sketchbooks had a number of drawings of black-face Suffolk sheep an she found the right subject in the right poses which she turned into a charming pastorale.

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